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2 Speedo External `Open face'

2 Speedo External `Open face'

2 Speedo External `Open face'
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Total Price:  £295.00

Product Description

External `Open Face' Pace Clock. 800mm / 1000mm /1200mm 

Manufactured to a very high standard using completely different materials to 

our Standard Internal Pace Training Clock.  240v / or 12vac Both are excellent & strong. 

For standard Pace Clock you can choose 240v or 12vac option.

But if you want to add a minute hand then its 240vac ONLY !

 Using our 12vac strong motor, this means you have NO electrical Poolside or External restrictions.

You do NOT need a electrician to site a 12v ac product.

The external clock comes with a 12v ac Power adaptor (like your mobile phone charger)

that you plug into your electrical supply & run the 12v cable to your Pace Clock. 

This style wall mounted  Pace Clock is specifically designed for the extreme heat in the

Middle East & Australia etc.  

Please contact sales@sportclox.com   or  44 0333 7000110    for more information.

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