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Pace Clock Hybrid Remote Control

Pace Clock Hybrid Remote Control

Pace Clock Hybrid Remote Control
Total Price:  £545.00

Product Description

Remote Control Digital Pace Clock.


Brand New !!  Swimming Clock Gym, Training Clock, Triathalon Timing Clock with Large hands & Digital Read out.  

The first picture shows a European 4 Handed Swim Training Pace Clock with the digital read out showing the minutes.  The second shows a double handed which is ideal as a Triathalon Pace clock with the Digital Readout also showing minutes. The third shows a single minute hand with the Digital Readout showing seconds.  

You can use the hand held remote control to stop & start & re set the hands & digital readout from over 150m away! 

Hi visability Remote Control with big clock hands & digital readout makes this Sports Clock ideal for your Sports facility.

600mm or 800mm Portable Cased, with carry handle unbreakable Polycarbonate lens this strong & robust Timing Clock is also suitable for use outside. (not fully waterproof) 

Using up to date stepper motor technology we can alter this product to produce any timing requirement! Making this a Clock for Hospital Operating Theatres or Clock for the food production line or a Game clock.

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